Session Two Descriptions

Dual Credit- Shepherd University

Barbara Kandalis, Room A-1

Earn College and High School Credit Simultaneously

Adopting a Growth Mindset for STEM

Judy Wilson, Room B-2

Find out why students need more than just science, technology, engineering or math knowledge to be successful in STEM.

Hope for the Overwhelmed Homeschool Parent

Terrie McKee, Room C

Sometimes homeschool can be a bit much and overwhelm sets in. And this is not the kids – it’s the parents! In this session, Terrie McKee will use humor and grace to encourage and inspire homeschooling parents who are teetering on the edge. 

Autism Spectrum Disorders: an Individualized Approach to Instructional Basics

Rochelle Sommerville, Room D-1

This session focuses on using evidence-based instruction methods to address the core issues of autism spectrum disorders: communication and social skills. Dr. Rochelle Matthews-Somerville integrates developmental perspectives and strategies to provide practical, functional intervention approaches that you can easily implement within your daily homeschool routine.

Charting Your Way Through High School for College, Career, or Military

LaNissir James, Room D-2

Preparing your teens for their post-graduation goals requires advance planning. This seminar provides a timeline and checklist to ensure that important items are included! For college-bound teens, discover tips for the application and financial aid process. For teens headed into careers, explore training, employment, and workplace skills. For teens interested in a military career, learn about the military’s homeschool enlistment policy and advice for applying to the service academies.

90-Minute School Day

Kelly Edwards, Room E

Do you struggle with structuring your homeschool?  Are you overwhelmed by all the things of work, home-care, extracurricular activities, and homeschooling? Perhaps you don’t feel like you’re doing enough?  Are you looking for that secret sauce of curriculum that will help your toddler, tween, and teenager? You don’t have to remain stuck!  The 90-Minute School Day method will shed these limiting beliefs and help you pick up a new paradigm to a different seat (hint: it’s not the driver’s seat).  This session will provide tools to shift your homeschool out of burnout and into a sustainable rhythm that meets your children’s needs with their strengths while also meeting your needs. 

What Does it Mean to Parent the Heart of our Children?

Lynna Sutherland, Blue Room

We hear a lot about heart-centered or gospel-based parenting. But what does that actually mean? How do you know if you’re parenting your child’s heart or just using behavior modification to manage external appearances? Plus, learn the six essential ingredients to connecting with your child on a heart-level!

Exploring Curriculum Options

Vicki Bentley, Green Room

Mom of 17 homeschooled students and curriculum counselor for a statewide homeschool organization, Vicki shares the secrets to mapping out a successful course of study for your children. This workshop helps beginners to get a solid start in home education, and encourages veterans to re-examine goals and
priorities. Includes a basic overview of different teaching approaches.