Session Three Descriptions

Praying for Your Children

Brooke Hamlin, Room A-1

Do you know praying for your children is important, but aren’t sure where to start, or feel your prayer life lacks focus? Brooke Hamlin felt the same way! In this session, Brooke will share her personal journey into discovering the crucial nature of intercession for our children. 

Why do we pray our kids? How do we pray for our kids? What does it mean to pray Scripture over our kids? Why should we persevere when it seems as if God isn’t listening? 

Get some practical tips, helpful handouts, and a sneak preview into her upcoming book, “For This Child I Have Prayed.”  

Application and Academic Preparation

Stephen Pierce, Room B-2

Does college preparation and the application process seem daunting? What about a financial pathway to college? And what about standardized test prep and dual enrollment credits—what provides the most value to your student? Join Stephen Pierce, Director of Student Recruitment, and learn about Patrick Henry College, our Dual Enrollment/Distance Learning program, tips on preparing for college, and our easy, six-step application process.

Middle-Schoolers: How to Plan for High School

Wendy Summers, Room C

Essential Skills for Teens: Study in Time Management

LaNissir James, Room D-2

The high school years are a prime opportunity to equip your teens with skills they will need for future success. If your teen is headed to college, a career, or the military, they will benefit from study and time management skills. This session provides parents and teens with ideas to incorporate these skills into high school coursework and lists resources to help cultivate these essential skills.

Homeschooling with Neurodivergence

Kelly Edwards, Room E

Do you have neurodiversity in your home?  Whether you have a child, children or are neurodiverse yourself – we will flip the prevailing narrative that pathologizes and stigmatizes.  Instead, we will look at these natural differences in neurobiology as strengths and how homeschooling is a great partner in supporting these amazing children…let’s move from feeling challenged to being better resourced and collaborative.  Let’s learn to celebrate every individual.

Easy, Fast and Fun: Teaching Your Child to Read

Patricia Davis, Lodge

Explore some easy, fast and fun ways to work with children so that they learn to read. In just 15 minutes a day, you can teach your child reading basics that stick. By combining Orton Gillingham’s proven approach with rewards, songs, and games, you’ll see your child advance from reading simple sentences to devouring chapter books.  And because the process is fun and positive, children learn while keeping their natural curiosity and love of learning.

Why Arts and Trades?

Eric Johnson, Yellow Room