Session One Descriptions

How to Research – High School/College Focus

Marcy Jastrab, Room A-1

Ms. Jastrab will focus on learning research skills and finding resources in preparation for college. I feel passionate about preparing homeschool students for college and would love to work with the local homeschool population.

Using Children’s Picture Books to Foster a Growth Mindset

Judy Wilson, Room B-2

Discover how storybook characters can portray various aspects of a growth mindset. Come and enjoy a “Show and Tell” format showcasing different picture books and walk away with a bibliography.

Homeschooling a Teen with Autism

Terrie McKee, Room C

Homeschooling a teen who has autism can be difficult: the meltdowns, the structure, puberty…in this session, homeschooling mom of four special needs children (including autism) Terrie McKee will unpack how she worked with her teen to teach him academics, social skills, and life skills (and navigate the changing world of puberty). She will encourage participants with tips she learned from her almost-30 years’ experience of having a child with autism.

You Can Homeschool Your Struggling Learner – Hope and How-To

Rochelle Sommerville, Room D-1

This workshop provides an overview of the frequently asked questions of how to homeschool struggling learners and those who learn differently.  Be encouraged and equipped as the HSLDA Special Needs Consultants share diagnostic checklists for struggling learners, discuss common roadblocks homeschooling parents face (and how to navigate around them), and receive strategies for achieving success with your children who learn differently.

Building a Sure Foundation: Mission and Methods

LaNissir James, Room D-2

For some families, high school at home is just around the corner. Other families bring teens home for all or part of high school years. This seminar builds a foundation to show the big picture for high school, explains important building blocks along the way, and gives resources you can draw from to meet the challenge.


Kelly Edwards, Room E

Are you burned-out of homeschooling?  Does it seem like it’s harder than it should be?  Are you drained, overextended and longing to slow down and restore balance?  Do you want more delight-driven days?  It’s time to deschool yourself.  Deschooling is a change process away from top-down conditioning to restore freedom and self-determination by supporting interests and strengths through relationship, competence and autonomy.

Dad’s Seat in Homeschooling

Brent Page & Chris Neal, Blue Room

We will discuss the different types of roles dads play in the homeschool journey.  Whether taking part as a primary tutor or working full-time and checking in on the process, we offer things to consider when you homeschool as a family.

“Jumpstart” to Joyful Motherhood

Vicki Bentley, Green Room

What comes to mind when you hear, “Joyful mother of children”? If you aren’t sure this describes your perspective on motherhood right now, come learn six steps to guide you to the joyful path! We will also discuss practical strategies to help us stay “tuned up.”

Homeschool Freedom

Mike Donnelly, Yellow Room

Your freedom to homeschool was purchased with a cost.  And, as Ronald Regan famously said, “we don’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream”.  In this session HSLDA Attorney Michael Donnelly will explain what it takes to maintain freedom in a fallen world.  What can you do to preserve and protect homeschool freedom?