Session Four Description

How to Prepare Your Students Spiritually and Socially for Their College Journey

Stephen Pierce, Room B-2

You’ve given your student a foundation—how will they take that forward? Every student asks in their mind “Am I ready for college?”. Many students, even those heading towards Christian colleges, are not prepared with good life habits, deep spiritual habits, and a cultivation of spiritual desire. Learn the common pitfalls a student encounters during their first year away from home and the absolutely crucial necessity of mentorship and discipleship in college and how your student can find a mentor.

You CAN Homeschool Just One! 

Terrie McKee, Room C

No, you don’t need a 15-passenger van to homeschool. You can, in fact, homeschool just one child. In this session, Terrie McKee of Homeschooling One Child will share tips and encouragement on homeschooling a singleton, including working on projects together, socialization, one-on-one academics, and enjoying the time together. 

Understanding the Twice Exceptional Learner: Boundless Gifts

Rochelle Sommerville, Room D-1

This session offers an overview of learners with some form of disability or learning challenge who are gifted. You’ll be equipped with a broader understanding of how different exceptionalities can manifest themselves within learning styles and preview resources that match your child’s unique learning profile. Ultimately, the goal of this workshop is to provide you with support so you can spend less time searching for information and resources and more quality family time with your child.

Husbands: the Pillar of the Homeschool Family

Michael J. Donnelly, Room D-2

So You’re New to Homeschooling?

Samantha Spitzer, Room E

Homeschooling has a major impact on our future society. If you wonder about the basics of homeschooling, the how-to, and the do’s and don’ts of homeschooling, then join this fact-filled workshop for answers and creative ideas.  Samantha will help give you a mindset that leads to successful teaching, reassurance, and encouragement as a home educator.

Crushing Reading Challenges: Turning Struggles into Victory

Patricia Davis, Lodge

Most children experience struggles along their journey to mastering reading. Some experience more obstacles than others. Know when to be concerned, while exploring ways to successfully overcome common challenges. We’ll demonstrate  some  simple, fun ways to work with your children that will help their ability and confidence soar.

How the Gospel Reshapes Sibling Conflict Resolution

Lynna Sutherland, Blue Room

Do you feel like you’re constantly playing judge or referee to your children’s conflicts? Does it feel like sibling conflict continually interrupts your school day and prevents you from making progress? Learn how to reshape your perspective on sibling conflict and use it as a powerful opportunity to build relationship skills and gospel awareness!

Multi-Level Teaching

Vicki Bentley, Green Room

When you had one child, it seemed easy, but adding more children sometimes makes homeschooling feel like a zany plate-spinning act. Vicki shares ideas for keeping the homeschooling “plates” from crashing to the floor! Practical tips for teaching multiple ages—from a mom of 17 homeschooled students (seven school-age at a time).

How Arts and Trades?

Eric Johnson, Yellow Room