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To Start or Not to Start – THAT is the Question!

I have a dear friend who is adamant. Nothing SCHOOL-related is to even be spoken about until AFTER LABOR DAY. As she says, “August is SUMMER. Enjoy it!” 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: 

Does that mean she hasn’t even thought about curriculum? 

Is she planning out the year??

Is she just going to WING it?

Oh, please. You KNOW she’s got a plan. She’s a homeschool mom, for heaven’s sake! But, when it comes to starting a formal school day, nothing official is happening until that first big fat Tuesday in September.

I’m on the fence. I have planned. I’ve purchased. I’ve cleaned and decorated. I’m excited about the new school year, but these hot summer days just keep calling my name. I’d rather be reading a book by the pool. At the same time, I know what happens to me and my girls when the weather begins to warm up in April and cabin fever hits us like a lightning bolt! So, because of this, we actually start our school year near the end of August so that we can finish up in early spring.

Funny thing is, many ask me if I start when public school starts. My answer is always the same: “What day is that?” If you’ve been a homeschooler for very long, that’s probably your response as well! Isn’t it wonderful? We have the FREEDOM to begin and end on OUR schedule!! 

If you are new to homeschooling, I will offer you this advice. Go ahead and find out when the first day of public school is. That morning, get the kids up, dressed, and let them wave at that big ‘ol school bus as it passes by your house. Then, load them all up in the car and head to your favorite restaurant for a back-to-school breakfast BASH! Maybe surprise them with a special outing on that first day of school! Or, meet up with another homeschool family and head to the lake! 

Whatever you do, make it memorable! Enjoy every moment with those kiddos – the years will go by quickly enough. 

I’d love to hear from you! When do you start school? What does your school year look like? What are your goals for you and your children?

Praying that you have a BLESSED school year!!

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