Two Days and Counting!

The excitement is building! We have vendors and speakers heading to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia to participate in our second annual Tri-State Homeschool Conference. There are volunteers getting ready to help set up the venue space and used curriculum sale, decorate and get things ready for Saturday.

Before the excitement of the day, our leadership would like to share with you some of their memories of last year, anticipation for this year, and desire to help other families with their homeschool journey.

Samantha Spitzer

My favorite memory of TSHSC 2022 was standing in the foyer in the first hour of the conference and watching attendees discussing with each other about their plans for the day and the sessions they wanted to attend; looking in the vendor hall and seeing lovely people representing wonderful organizations geared toward helping homeschoolers. Then, turning around into the foyer annex and watching the magic of MOMPossible with wonderful ladies, tables full of goodies, iced coffee, and engaging conversations that wrapped around educating at home. Sitting in the corner at a little conversational table was our past HSLDA WV homeschool lawyer, Mike Donnelly, sitting down with an attendee, offering advice and counseling.

I saw moms and DADS, grandmothers and grandfathers, walking through the doors – some with gigantic smiles on their faces, ready to look for the best deals at the used curriculum sale – some with looks of wide-eyed nervousness because this was the FIRST time they’d been around any other homeschoolers before and they Just. Had. No. Idea. what they were getting themselves into!!

There were the speakers, headed to their workshops prepared to share their insights, experience, and ideas. There was my team, greeting everyone with smiles, running around making sure everyone felt welcome…and there I was: Standing in the midst of this incredible moment thanking God for guiding us and helping us do the one thing we have always set out to do: Encourage new and seasoned homeschoolers.

So. Here I am. Asking God to once again guide us. Give everyone who walks through the doors on Saturday morning the encouragement, the courage, the excitement, the plan, and the drive to educate our children at home. I can’t wait to see you!! Make sure to stop and introduce yourself to me!


Samantha Spitzer, President of TSHSC, Inc

p.s.: There’s still time! Everyone is welcome!

Laura Vocature

I am so looking forward to Saturday! We as a committee have been working diligently to create a day of encouragement and recharging for homeschooling parents and guardians. I know that I was so blessed last year to attend a few of the sessions last year. They helped me to remember why we homeschool and gave me some new tools to better our journey.

Tamara Lewis

There’s nothing like the excitement and anticipation that builds while planning an event. I was overwhelmed last year by the success of our conference and I learned so much from the sessions I was able to attend. It helped my family in the last year as we navigated some trying times and enjoyed successes in our homeschool journey.

I remember walking around outside while everyone was eating lunch and just seeing all the new and seasoned homeschool parents talking and connecting. It brought such joy. I can’t wait for this year and pray that it will be a blessing for everyone who attends.

Emily Ekegren

It was amazing to see people come together and not only learn and grow, but meet others like them. Our goal is to build the homeschooling community in the greater area and we saw it happen right before our eyes. Personally, I found a way to help one of my sons that I’d never seen before. I met new faces that live in the next town. I was so encouraged and it was the kick in the pants I needed to finish our year strong. This year promises to be even better than last. I am so glad to be a part of this amazing team.

Tiffany Wilkinson

I love conference season. I get giddy at the thought of thumbing through pages, full of new possibilities for the coming year. Being able to attend workshops chuck full of information and encouragement remind me that we can do this. The best part of a conference for me is connecting with other homeschool parents. I love hearing what worked for their families, their opinions on curriculum choices and just laughing about the this crazy homeschool life. I count myself blessed to be able to work alongside this amazing group of homeschool moms. The work is growing homeschooling and supporting families in the tri-state area.

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