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Five Tips for Curriculum Shopping with the TSHS Conference Vendors

We have been highlighting Conference speakers for quite a while, but let’s focus on vendors!

Our vendor hall will be packed out with vendors from all over the east coast! Some coming from as far away as Ohio and Kentucky! If you’ve never been to a homeschool curriculum fair, here are some words of wisdom.

  • Begin researching curriculum that you are specifically looking for and plan your budget.
  • Research for curriculum that you are interested in, but want to get your hands on and look at before making a decision, and make a budget.
  • Finally, be prepared to find curriculum and resources that spark your imagination and propel learning in your homeschool classroom, and make a budget.
  • If you plan on purchasing books, bring a roll cart! They get heavy quick! (Ask me how I know this!)
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to the person next to you about the curriculum you are interested in, they can give you great feedback, or you can learn together!

Keep an eye out for the Curriculum Techs wearing white coats who will be milling around the vendor hall and the used curriculum sale. They will be able to answer questions and offer ideas for your individual situation.

If you plan on purchasing books, bring a roll cart! They get heavy quick! (Ask me how I know this!)

Not only will there be curriculum, but there will be many vendors offering information on various organizations and services, offering lessons or extra curricular activities, advice on post-high school options (such as college/university/trade school), many authors on hand, ranging from chapter books to parental resources.

We are excited to offer not only amazing speakers to help guide our homeschool and also have resources available in the vendor hall and used curriculum sale.

We can’t wait to see you in three weeks!

Samantha Spitzer

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