Joy & Peace of Christmas

Every year, we expect Christmas to magically bring tidings of good cheer, comfort, and joy. We go to Christmas gatherings and events hoping that they will help us create that “Christmas Spirit” that we all long for. We all hope that whatever hardships and heartaches that have come throughout our year will fade among the lights, the music, the decorations, and traditions. It’s our hope that in this, we will find peace and joy.
I didn’t realize when I chose the Christmas music for our church choir and the candlelight services that we’ll be singing at few weeks that one particular song would reverberate with me so much:

…”Life is a struggle and sometimes you’re just holding on
But there is a Savior whose been walking by your side all along
And He is able to restore all that’s broken
and turn your sorrow to song.

Joy and peace, Joy and peace,
Jesus comes to give you for all eternity
Joy and peace, Joy and peace,
find in Him everything you need
Jesus comes to give you joy and peace.”…

“Joy and Peace” words and music by John Bolin and
Mike Harland

So, this is my prayer to all of you. Whatever you are struggling with right now. Whether it’s physical or mental health, finances, the stresses of trying to do it all, loved ones who are no longer with us, or someone dear to you is not able to be with you this Christmas, I pray that you will look to the One who is our Prince of Peace, our Joy in this World, our Wonderful Counselor. May you find comfort, joy, and peace in Christ Jesus this Christmas.

Blessings to you all.


Samantha unknowingly became a homeschooler when her first daughter was born in 2000.  She had no idea that after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education through Shepherd College in 1989, a Masters of Elementary Education at WVU years later, and enjoying her role as a music teacher with Berkeley County Schools, that God would call her to stay home soon after her first daughter was born.

Since then, she has served as a foster mom and has continued teaching within her home and through homeschool co-ops. Samantha praises God for being her Fighter when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Sarcoma Cancer in 2016, (Exodus 14:14) and loves to give her testimony to anyone who wants to hear about it. She is incredibly thankful to say that she has been Cancer FREE since May of 2017.

She is a passionate homeschooling advocate who inspires and instills a love of learning. As a West Virginia certified teacher, Samantha uses every opportunity to encourage, support, and share knowledge of curriculum possibilities, teaching and learning styles, and information needed to homeschool successfully. Samantha resides in Charles Town, West Virginia, with her doting husband and three incredibly wonderful daughters.

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