We now have a Goodreads account. 

Reading plays such an important role in education. I love to read and I loved reading to my kids when they were younger. It was hard to move on after reading the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid or the Harry Potter series so I was always looking for my next recommendation. There are many places you can get recommendations. Facebook has a bunch of groups you can join, there are a ton of websites out there, and there are dedicated accounts on other social media that are just for recommendations. I personally prefer Goodreads. I love my Goodreads account.

In case you’re wondering “What is Goodreads?”

Goodreads is a website, and app, that helps people find books to read and keep track of books that you’ve already read. You can rate the book and leave a review if you would like. You can even go as far as categorizing your books into different shelves. It does not cost anything to join and is a great way to connect with other readers. 

The ladies of TSHSC, Inc. have compiled a list of books to help get you guys started in your homeschool journey. It is listed by age group and also has a few other shelves such as a Christian and a Mom/Homeschool shelf. Some of the books can be used with curriculum and others are to enjoy with the kids. As we continue to update our book recommendations, our lists will grow as well.

To stay up to date with the TSHSC, Inc. list, make sure you follow us on Goodreads by clicking the link below

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