How it all started . . .

Have you ever felt that tug on your heart to pursue the desire of your heart? 

About a year ago, I felt the tug. In my mind, I could picture a group of people coming together to discuss, learn, grow, and encourage everything homeschool. I pictured tables set up in a big room where people could peruse curriculum and purchase items for their children. I envisioned break-out sessions where speakers could present seminars on topics from special needs to homeschooling through high school and everything in between. I pictured perfect strangers having a conversation where they were able to encourage and give strategies to help them in their own homes.  I also dreamed of HSLDA and MOMPossible coming alongside and supporting the huge turnout of homeschool parents that would walk through the doors. 

And so I prayed.

What I didn’t think about (so much) was how it could be promoted, how it could be funded, how we could make it legal (you know…taxes and rules and stuff…) All I knew was I wanted to give people hope in homeschooling. I also knew that there was no way this would ever happen if I tried to do it on my own. 

So, I started talking about my dream. 

I first talked to my Type-A friends. You know them. They’re the ones that whip out a spiral notebook the moment you have a plan. They start making lists. They start adding more ideas on top of other ideas. And fortunately, because of that notebook, they write it all down to help keep track of everything.

I also talked to my Type-B friends. Yeah…You know them, too. They could care less about the notebook and are looking to see who has the biggest vehicle to get items from Point A to Point B. They’re the ones who remind you of the Energizer Bunny because they never seem to run out of steam and aren’t afraid of the heavy lifting. 

A few months had passed and this thought of having a homeschool conference was now beginning to take shape because a few homeschool mamas decided to jump at the chance to join in. I’m blessed with creative, talented, smart, hardworking type-A and type-B friends. In November of 2021, I hosted our very first Homeschool Conference Planning Meeting at my house and the Tri-State Homeschool Conference was born! Much of the work and behind-the-scenes planning went entirely over my head when they started talking about 501(C)(3) and Non-Profit Organizations. Usually, my mind starts wandering when I don’t understand the concept, but I was able to stay focused because it meant this dream was finally taking shape. Vendors were lined up. Speakers were working on their topics. Food preparation was happening! 

In April of 2022, Fellowship Bible Church in Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia, opened their doors to our conference and I stood in the middle of the foyer of this wonderful church and watched my dream unfold. 

What an incredible feeling. 

‘And I am sure of this, that HE who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:6)

None of us wanted to see this end with just one conference, so out came the notebooks again! Ideas for forums, back-to-school brunches, smaller events, different locations…and the list goes on and on… 

I’m so proud to announce that the Tri-State Homeschool Conference 2023 is slated for Saturday, April 22nd. 

It is our hope that you will join us!

Until then, keep in contact with us as we plan and prepare other events coming soon!

Samantha Spitzer

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